How to add Discount/Surcharge


Add new Discount/Surcharge

How to add Discount/Surcharge in Back Office

  1. click Settings on left (or more icon more_icon__BO_.png), then click Discount or Surcharge
  2. click Add Discount (Surcharge) or Name field to enter the name (up to 49characters)
    *update Name on Receipt, Name on Edit Bill if necessary
  3. select Value Type from dropdown list
  4. enter Value in accordance to Valut Type
  5. switch Show/Hide to activate Discount/Surcharge (default: Show)
  6. select Discount Type; Total Bill or per Item
  7. click SAVE to save changes

Set Discount/Surcharge per Item

How to apply Discount/Surcharge to an Item

  • setup Discount (Surcharge) created for Item
  1. click Set for Items on right of Discount/Surcharge
  2. filter by Consumption Type and/or Category
  3. apply Discount (Surcharge) to individual item by switching Apply ON/OFF (default: OFF)
    • apply or remove in bulk by clicking Apply to/Remove from all items
  4. click SAVE to save changes
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