Setting up Kitchen/Bar Printer


  • setting up where to printout each Item
  • Items could be printed out to multiple Printers
  • No. of printouts customizable per consumption type

Select Printer

Steps to setup printer for each purpose

  1. tap more icon
  2. open Settings > Printer
  3. tap ADD
  4. tap Kitchen/Bar Printer
  5. update Printer Name if necessary
  6. select printer by IP address from dropdown list
  7. select Receipt Width according to the paper roll size
    *width for Dot printer will be 76mm only
  8. select Font Size (go to Font size difference for size samples)
  9. select Cut Paper Type (go to What is Cut Paper Type for details)
  10. tap Output Item to select Items to printout (go to Setting up Output Items for details)
  11. select number of printouts per consumption type in Order Slip Number

Delete Printer

Steps to remove printer settings

  • Settings could not be saved and will be erased once deleted
  1. tap Printer you wish to delete
  2. tap DELETE
  3. tap OK

Font Size difference

Difference between each font size

  • select from 4 different font size; Large, Medium, Small, Very Small
Printer Type Very Small Small Medium Large
Thermal Font_size-1.jpg
Dot Font_size-11.jpg

Difference between each cut type

  • Each Order: all added Items are shown on 1 ticket
  • Each Item: ticket printed out per Item (and variation)
Cut Type Thermal Dot
Each Order Cut_type-1.jpg
Each Item Cut_type-2.jpg
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