Create Delivery Order


  • steps to create Delivery Order on AirREGI
  • Delivery is only available on main AirREGI App, not on OES
  • you can copy Items to Delivery from other consumption type, for details go to Add new Menu
  • for other order type (Eat-in, Takeaway), go to Create a new Bill
  • address search by postcode available

Enter Customer Information

Enter inforamation (e.g. Name, Address) for Collection/Delivery

  • Customer information could not be saved
  • entered information will be erased once Order is checkedout
  1. tap DELIVERY
  2. enter Customer name
  3. enter Telephone number
  4. update Due (e.g. pickup time)
  5. enter postcode, Address will be autofilled
  6. enter Address, if necessary
  7. enter Notes, if necessary
    * Notes will appear on Delivery Receipt
  8. tap GO TO ORDER to save information

Opening Customer Info for Takeaway Orders

  1. create Bill, then send Order
  2. go to Bills List
  3. tap Customer Info icon

Create Delivery Order

Add items to Delivery

  • adding Items is same as all other consumption type
  • for details, go to taking order
  1. tap CONFIRM
  2. added Items listed on ORDER
  3. tap CUSTOMER INFO to confirm name, address and other ifnormation entered
    * tap EDIT if any correction is needed; go to Enter Delivery Information for details
  4. tap SEND to send order to Kitchen


How to checkout for Delivery Order

  • entered information will be erased once Delivery order is checkedout
  • Delivery order could be checkedout directly from Bills list
  1. tap CHECKOUT icon

Best Practice

  • checkout Delivery order at pickup

Tutorial Video

How to create delivery order

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