How to Backup AirREGI Settings


Save Printer and OES settings on the device, enabling restoration with a single tap in case App gets uninstalled

  • Allow Settings to be saved in device storage when starting the App
  • Auto saved whenever changes are made
  • Restore easily on AirREGI App

Save: Allow AirREGI to access storage

How to backup AirREGI settings on device

  1. open AirREGI
  2. tap ALLOW

On Device Settings

  1. open Settings
  2. go to Applications
  3. select AirREGI
  4. tap Permissions
  5. activate Storage permission

for Android versions before 6.0

  • ALL Permissions are ON, this settings is NOT needed

Restore: Printer and OES settings

how to restore Printer and OES settings on AirREGI device, when lost

  1. tap More icon on upper left
  2. go to Settings > Restore Settings
  3. tap OK on confirmation dialog
  4. Settings is Restored
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