What is Menu?


  • Menu is made from the following classifications;
    • Department
    • Category
    • Item
    • Modifier
    • Variation
    • Set Menu
    • Kitchen Ticket Display Order
  • Kitchen Ticket Display Order is used when you wish to group items in serve order


Difference between each classification

Date Details Type
Department largest classification Wet, Dry
Category main classification Starter, Burger, Entrée, Pasta
Item individual menu Cheeseburger, Beer, Ice cream
Modifier used for toppings, sides Fries, Steamed Veg
Variation used for item size small, medium, large
Set Menu group multiple Items in a single price Lunch set, 3-course meal, Christmas dinner
Kitchen Ticket Display Order group items on Kitchen Ticket starter, main, dessert, ASAP


Relation between each classification

Connection between each classification is as follows;



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