What is X/Z-Report?


X vs Z-Report

Difference between the 2 reports

Name Definition
  • Report usually used mid-day to view actions on the register
  • Sales data from previous X/Z-report, does not reset
  • Report used at the end of a day, to view all actions from last Z-report
  • Also to close the register while entering a new cash balance

How to run X/Z-Report

Steps on processing X/Z-Report

  1. tap more icon more_icon__REGI_app_.png on upper left corner.
  2. tap Operations > X-Report or Cash Register Balancing (Z-Report)
    *if you wish to record User on Reports, go to What is Function Control
    and activate Cash Register Balancing in Function Control
    • if you have any open bill, you will see the following message,
      make sure tap and close the bill accordinglyX_Z-Report-6.png
  3. tap numeric text box under Actual cash in drawer
  4. enter amount for each bill/coin by tapping text box, then OK
  5. tap Specify the reason enter reason (mandatory), then OK
  6. enter opening balance by tapping the text box, then tap CASH IN/OUT
  7. tap OK on Print X/Z-Report, if you wish to printout on receipt
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