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  • Create one-time Item not on Menu

Table of Contents

Add Custom Item to an Order

How to add Items that is not registered in Menu

  1. open Order, tap Custom item
  2. update Name on receipts (up to 49characters)
    *context will be printed out on Kitchen Ticket
  3. update Specify the item details, if neessary (up to 300characters)
    *context will be printed under the "Name on receipts" out on Kitchen Ticket
  4. update Price (up to £9,999,999.99)Custom_item-2.jpg
  5. select Tax if applicable, None if not
  6. select Category from dropdown list (default: Uncategorized)
    *used for reports
  7. select Printer to printout the Custom item
  8. select Kitchen Ticket Display order (switch ON/OFF on Function Control)
    *go to What is Function Control: Kitchen Ticekt/ Set Menu/ Chair Position for details
  9. update quantity if necessary
  10. tap OK to create Custom item, and go back to Order screen


  • created Items will appear as Named on both Receipts and in Analytics
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