What is Inventory


  • Inventory could be used to track stock for each Item
  • count will automatically be updated when an Order is placed
  • Inventory for Wet Stock is currently unavailable

Update Inventory

How to manage Inventory/Stock per Item

  1. open Inventory > Edit Inventory Item
  2. (if necessary) filter Items by category
  3. update Count and +/- per Item (and/or variation, if registered)
  4. click Save to save changes

Setup Inventory Alert

Setting pop-up message on AirREGI App when Count hits Alert

  1. open Edit Inventory Item
  2. switch Receive Notifications ON to activate Alert
  3. enter an amount in Alert
  4. click Save to save changes.

Update Inventory when Voided

How to return Inventory on App

  1. tap OK to adjust, or CANCEL to skip
  2. update each Item on Return Inventory, tap OK to save, or CANCEL to skip the adjustment

When Inventory hits below 0

What happens once Count hits 0

  1. Inventory will continue counting in minus (-) even after Count hits 0


Make sure to change +/- sign when updating Count

What is Inventory Report

You can create/download a report on Inventory

  1. filter date range up to 3months in Period
  2. select all Item or category from dropdown list
  3. report listed per Item per Count of each date
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