Training Mode


  • demo available for taking order
  • used for new staff training
  • will not affect Sales nor Inventory

Normal mode vs Training mode

difference between 2modes

  Normal Mode Training Mode
  • Cash in/out
  • X/Z reports
  • Cash Register Log
  • Payment History/ Refund
  • Cash in/out
  • Printer
  • Order Entry System (OES)
  • SumUp Login
  • Direct Payment Mode
  • Sort Menu Items on Order screen
  • Training Mode
  • Restore Settings
  • Training Mode
Bills List
  • Quick Service
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery
  • Tables (w & w/o Quandoo integration)
  • Quick Service
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery
  • Tables (w/o Quandoo integration)

How to activate Training Mode

activate Training Mode on App

  1. tap more more_icon__BO_.png icon on upper left
  2. open Settings > Training Mode
  3. switch ON/OFF
    make sure to turn ALL devices used during training
  4. top bar will turn green while Training Mode is on

Switching back to normal mode

  • make sure to switch ALL devices back to normal mode after training
  • OES will work individually as normal mode, regardless of Main App being on training mode


what Kitchen Tickets & Receipts will look like while Training Mode is on

  1. Kitchen Tickets
  2. Receipts
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