User Activity Log


  • to see User Activity Log, turn on Function Control; go to What is Function Control for details
  • review activities processed on App (AirREGI & OES) by User (e.g. Delete Bills, Payments, Discounts)
  • filter by activity type available NEW
  • can see activities within last 2years

How to check Activity Log

Select period and download to local drive

  1. click Operations on left (or more icon more_icon__BO_.png and click Operations)
  2. click Activity Log
  3. select date range from calendar
  4. filter by activity type
  5. click Search
  6. activities will be listed below, scroll right to see the whole list

Type of activities available on Activity Log

How to update Name and opening Balance

Data Name Definition
Date & Time
  • Date & Time activity took place
  • User who processed the activity (by name or PIN)
  • Type of activity processed
    • Void
    • Delete Bills
    • Refund
    • Payment
    • Cash-in
    • Cash-out
    • Surcharge total
    • Discount total
    • Surcharge per ItemNEW
    • Discount per Item/ Set menuNEW
    • X-report
    • Z-report
    • Go to Back Office
    • Open Cash Drawer (OES)
Order Type
  • for Payment related activities
  • Type of Order activity was processed
    • Eat-in
    • Takeaway
    • Delivery
Receipt ID
  • for Payment related activities
  • unique ID generated when payment/refund is processed
    • for Refund: a new Receipt ID is generated when refunds are processed
Table Name
  • for Payment related activities
  • selected Table Number for Eat-in Order Type
    • Quick Service will be listed as Order Type = Eat-in; Table Name = blank
  • value entered in each activity
    • does not include Tipped amount
Payment Method
  • for Payment activities only
  • method selected during payment
    • split payment will be listed as separate activities
Cash Register Number & Name
  • for Payment related activities only
  • cash register used to process the activity
    • Cash Register Number & Name could be checked on Back Office: Settings > Cash Registers
  • for Void, Delete Bills, Cash-in/out & X/Z-report activities
  • option selected during the process
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