Sales Dashboard


  • Sales breakdown from different metrics
  • Data available for any given period up to 1month
  • Filter data by Daily & Weekly

Data Filters

type of filter available on the dashboard

Data type Definition
Sales total amount of sales including tax
Net Sales total amount of sales without tax
Avg. Sales by Customer amount of sales per number of Guests
Avg. Sales by Order amount of sales per number of Orders (=paid bills)
Number of Orders amount of Orders (=paid bills) within the period
Number of Customers number of Guests within the period

How to customise Dashboard

customize dashboard view

  1. click Dashboard on left (or more icon more_icon__BO_.png)
  2. Period: select period up to 1month
  3. Line Graph:
    • Filter: select from dropdown list
    • Data filter: select from dropdown list
    • Numbers: select 3x data type from dropdown list
  4. Payment Methods: ratio per type of payment
  5. Users: ratio of payments processed by user


  • Report cycle is based on local time
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