How to use Set Menu


Set Menu is used to group/choose multiple Items into 1 price

  • you can create set menus like Lunch set, 3 course meal by adding Items to each Set Menu
  • Modifiers with different price will update the total price of Set Menu
  • Variation with different price WILL NOT update the total price of Set Menu

Back Office: creating Set Menu

How to Activate and Create Set Menu in Back Office

  1. to activate the function; go to What is Function Control: Kitchen Ticket/ Set Menu/ Chair Position for details
  2. to create new Set Menu; go to How to add new Menu: Set Menu for details

AirREGI App: using Set Menu

how to take Order using Set Menu

  1. open Bill
  2. tap GO TO SET MENU
  3. select Set Menu
  4. select Items accordingly
  5. tap BACK TO SET MENU to save changes
  6. tap SEND to complete the order

AirREGI App: best practices

Guest scene examples

  • I want to upgrade Main (e.g. Sirloin > Fillet Mignon)
  • I want to upsize my Drink (e.g. 1/2pint > full pint Beer)
  • I want to have an extra side (e.g. 4items to a 3 course meal)
  1. adding non-selectable Items
    1. scroll to the very bottom, use Custom item
    2. go to How to add Custom item for details

  2. create Modifier for price change (upsell)
    1. create Modifier group in Back Office, for price changes
    2. create Item with no price
      recommend to use Not set category
    3. apply Modifier to Item
    4. open Set Menu > apply Item to each Set Menu
    5. Sync Data on Tablet
  3. use Modifier to apply price change for selectable Items
    1. scroll to bottom, select Set Menu upsell
    2. tap Set Menu upsell shown on left
    3. select upsell amount, then OK
    4. tap BACK TO SET MENU to save
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