How to add Tax


  • create/update Tax in Back Office
  • apply Tax to Items
  • do not forget to update Tablet once Tax is added

Table of Contents

Add new Tax

How to add Tax in Back Office

  1. click Settings on left (or more icon more_icon__BO_.png), then click Tax
  2. click Add Tax or Name field to enter Tax name (up to 49characters)
  3. enter Tax rate in Rate
  4. click SAVE to save changes
  5. click Set for items/Set Menu to go to 2. Apply Tax to Item to apply Tax to each Item

Apply Tax to Item

How to apply Tax to each Item

  1. click Set for items/ Set Menu on right of each Tax
  2. select Select Menu Type from dropdown list
  3. select Consumption type from dropdown list
  4. switch Apply ON/OFF to activate Tax
  5. click SAVE to save changes
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