Payment History


  • how to find closed Receipts
  • how to reprint Receipts
  • to Refund, go to How to Refund

What is Receipt Number

Unique number per Bill assigned by AirREGI

  • Receipt Number is generated in the following format
    1. Cash Register ID (4 digits)
    2. Created Date (YYMMDD) (6 digits)
    3. Unique number (5~ digits)


Searching Receipts

Search Receipts on AirREGI App to check, reprint & refund

  1. tap more icon more_icon__REGI_app_.png on upper left corner
  2. tap Operations, then Payment History/Refund
  3. search for Receipt by Receipt No. or by date
  4. open Receipt by tapping line

Reprinting Receipts

How to Reprint Receipts

  1. open Payment History
  2. open Receipt
  3. tap PRINT
  4. Receipt will be printed out from Receipt Printer
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