Cash Register Log (Back Office)


  • to review activity (e.g. Cash In/Out, X/Z-report)
  • difference from AirREGI App function
    • can search in date range
    • cannot reprint X/Z-report
  • to run X or Z-report, go to How to run X/Z-Report

How to check Cash Register Log

How to open/check Cash Register Log

  1. click Operations on left (or more icon more_icon__BO_.png and click Operations)
  2. click Cash Register Log
  3. select Cash Register ID from dropdown list
  4. select date range from calendar
  5. click Search
  6. activities will be listed on left, tap to show details on right

How to update Cash Register settings

How to update Name and opening Balance

  1. click Settings on left (or more icon more_icon__BO_.png to open Settings)
  2. click Cash Register
  3. scroll to Cash Register to update
  4. update Name & Initial Opening Balance
  5. click Save
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